This weekend last year

It was this very weekend last year when the H1N1 virus was, unbeknown to me, spreading inside my body and attacking my lungs. For any of you who have already read the book, it’s the following few nights when I had very little sleep, and found myself having to sit or lay in odd positions and locations just to feel comfortable.

Being awake all night is lonely. It felt like I was the only person awake. It feels odd to be writing this at the very same desk that I laid my head on to get some sleep this time last year. In the same chair and with the very same view out of the window to my left.

I’m nervous and anxious at the moment. The worry of becoming ill again is enormous. I had a day off work sick last week due to waking up frozen to my core and shaking as I moved. That was very scary, but thankfully a few more hours of sleep and a hot bath soon kicked it to the kerb.

Tow and I are heading off to New York City again in a few days, to have the holiday that we should have had last year. It’s been difficult for me to get excited about it so far, but the excitement is now starting to build.