It’s December again…

it’s that time of year again. It only feels like 5 minutes ago that I was preparing for Christmas last year, and also our trip to New York. That holiday wasn’t meant to be, and instead I became struck down with H1N1. I had my life saved by quick thinking medical staff at Hull Royal infirmary and then Glenfield Hospital.

Oddly, I don’t seems to recall seeing houses around mine having their trees and decorations being put up last year. I do vaguely remember our own decorations going up around the 10th December 2018, but these were all down and boxed away by the time I arrived home from hospital in January.

It’s safe to say that I’m getting nervous now. Tow and I are going on holiday to New York again this year. We’ve tried to not get as excited as last year, but the anxiety is now building, and I can’t control it. I think I’ll be washing my hands every 5 minutes now, and I wonder how frowned upon it would be for me to walk around wearing a gas mask for protection?